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Mesquite, Pecan, Hickory, Red Oak & Post Oak

Custom-cut small pieces of wood are available by special order. Cedar Slats for Cedar-Slat Salmon and Other Grilling Recipes Available!

Hardwoods for Camping are Available!
We Have 10-Inch Chiminea Wood.

Want pinion pine? Pinion pine from New Mexico is very expensive and it is no different than our plain-old pine from East Texas. Think about it, any kind of smoke repels mosquitoes!!! But, plain-old deep East Texas pine smells and burns the same and it is MUCH cheaper!

(Note: Never use pine for cooking. It can make you sick! Do not use it in your fireplace. It leaves rosin in your chimney and can cause a fire. It is only good for outdoor fires such as chimineas, campfires, etc.)


The Wood Shed will provide FREE CAMPFIRE WOOD for any youth organization such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Little-League Baseball, Pee-Wee Football, Soccer, etc. Call for details.

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